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KAnalysis – Differentiators

 Innovative multi-pronged searching protocols for most comprehensive searches.

 Collaborative delivery model (CDM) utilizing client feedback on interim deliverables to ensure common focus.

 Three tier quality management process comprising, peer review, project manager review and third eye review for each project.

 Accurate, comprehensive and insightful analysis with dedicated professionals for adding value for each genre of project.

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KAnalysis – Value Preposition

 Team of Scientists, PhD’s and Engineers provide, effective and holistic approach with competence.

 Know- how in a broad range of cutting edge technologies as well as over a decade’s experience in the arena of patent     research and analytics.

 Experience of executing over 2,000 projects for SME’s, large corporations, start-ups, research institutions, universities,     federal or regional ministries.

 Excellent capabilities in specialized chemical structure and bio-sequence based searches.

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