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Landscape Study provides a technology/market - centric analysis with the objective of providing an IP strategy solution and take more informed business decisions.
Research based companies are increasingly resorting to patent landscaping studies prior to scheduling their future research projects. For a given broad-spectrum of technology a patent landscaping study highlights the areas of maximum research and patenting activity, technology evolution, major players, top inventors, white spaces and technology gaps etc. KAnalysis team of patent analysts performs rigorous patent data mining and data analysis to present the insights of the study in graphical format. The study helps clients to gain insights on competitive and technology trends to direct their research and business decisions.

The Final report contains:

  • MS Excel workbook containing the detailed analysis/categorization and bibliographic details of the relevant patents.
  • The MS Excel Workbook contains User friendly tools developed in- house to enable customized searching within the analyzed/ categorized dataset.
  • MS PowerPoint presentation representing various trends with key insights obtained from the study.

Representative Scenarios:

  • A company plans to launch a product into a particular market segment. The knowledge of the currently active players and their benchmarking can be pivotal in strategizing his business and successfully negotiating potential IP roadblocks.
  • A company has two patents, which he is interested in licensing out. The knowledge about potential licensing partners and the fitment of those patents in partner’s portfolio can help in maximizing the profitability.
  • A company has an interesting improvement in one field of a technology. The knowledge about the existing IP that can be supplemented by his improvement can help in deciding upon the use of any existing technology or to focus on his own R&D towards building the entire technology on his own.
  • A company needs to check if there are any new entrants into an specific market segment in a particular geography, to keep a tab on future competition.