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Dr. Ian Goodyer:

Dr. Goodyer is a consultant specializing in technology transfer and commercialization of new ideas. He has experience in the research function of a large FTSE 100 company, as head of open innovation and technology transfer.
His experience in bringing new ideas from SME's and academia to market, has enabled numerous organizations commercialize new ideas and to develop them to the point where they can be manufactured and sold.

Luciano Fusar Poli:

Mr.Fusar Poli has over 20 years of experience as a Consultant , Trainer, & Mentor for numerous companies.He has been an avid researcher & propagator of TRIZ methodology in problem solving techniques.
His specialties include early detection of and planning for disruptive technology and business practices that affect both business and individual interests. He works closely with licensing departments of various technical universities, government organizations, as well as SMEs, helping them license their technologies

Ashutosh Choudhary:

Mr. Choudhary is the founding partner and heads the research division at KAnalysis. He has extensive consulting experience in various industries and has been pivotal in developing processes for each kind of project especially involving cross-domain expertise.
He regularly assists clients in shaping solutions for their business and scientific intelligence, analytics and researches helping them identify potential licensing partners, Sale, or monetization of patents, Building up strategic partnerships, and Business Intelligence.

Nilanshu Shekhar:

Mr. Shekhar is the managing director and heads the Business development unit at KAnalysis, taking care of ongoing client relationships and new business opportunities.
He has almost ten years of patent research experience of managing various client engagements, working with several CTOs, R&D Heads, and Heads Product Development at various organizations including Fortune 500 companies across the globe and law firms in US and Europe.