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A state of the art search is conducted to gather knowhow during the R&D process or sometimes even for generating new ideas. A focused state of the art is also conducted to identify the white spaces and gaps in the technology areas at a more granular level.

At times, a state of the art is also requested when the client is not willing to disclose the critical details (like exact percentage compositions etc.) and can review the set of patents at their end for those ranges.

The report is an MS Excel workbook containing a categorized dataset, in accordance with the predefined taxonomy and all other sanitized bibliographic information. Information pertaining to each and every relevant patent is captured and presented in the deliverable.

Representative Scenarios:
  • A product development manager was looking for new ideas for a particular part towards completion of a product.
  • A company was looking to find cross-domain solutions for a specific problem it faced during a particular step during its production line.
  • A Company from the Iron and Steel Industry was trying to ascertain that a product it wanted to keep as Trade Secret was free of patents.