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A chemical structure or sequence search can be conducted for a variety of reasons such as patentability assessment, invalidation, freedom to operate, R&D support etc.
Searching patent and non-patent literature for chemical information or biological sequences requires a totally different skill-set, and an approach that could drastically save the cost expended on expensive databases.

KAnalysis has the capabilities to execute the following type of specialized searches:

Chemical Structures and Pharmaceutical Moieties

  • Exact Structure Search
  • Family Structure Search
  • Full Substructure Search
  • Protein Structure Search
  • Markush & Merged Markush Structures Search

Bio-Sequence Search

  • Exact Sequence Search of Nucleic Acids
  • Subsequence Search of Nucleic Acids
  • CAS Registry BLAST Homology Searches
  • Exact Sequence Search of Proteins/ poly-peptides
  • Exact Family Sequence Search of Proteins/ poly-peptides
  • Subsequence Search of Proteins/Poly-peptides:embedded/exact