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KAnalysis offers complete end-to-end solution for obtaining patents in India and across the globe through its associates. Apart from India, we provide filing and prosecution services to USPTO and EPO through multiple routes to patent practitioners, innovators, businesses and investors in various technological domains.

Published applications are subjected to examination before grant. The Office action requires carefully drafted replies to objections raised by examiner, thus response to Office Action becomes one of the most critical steps in the phase of patent prosecution. A patent is granted only if it passes the patent office actions.

The team at KAnalysis uses various proof reading processes to ensure multi-layer quality control for drafting office action response.

We undertake the following tasks:

  • Provisional filing
  • Regular Application filing
  • Filing through PCT route
  • National Phase filing
  • Maintaining Dockets and Processing Annuities worldwide
We work with patent attorneys, companies, SMEs and individual inventors to assist them with filing and prosecuting patent applications worldwide.