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A prior art search is conducted to determine whether a patent can be obtained for an invention at all, and if so, what may be the scope of the protection. The search can be conducted before filing or more beneficially before drafting a patent application for an invention. This includes search for both patent and non-patent literature.

Quick Prior Art Search

We undertake focused 8-12 hour searches, for vetting multiple ideas for regular R and D purposes, on an ongoing basis.
The report comprises a list of identified (five-six) references in a predefined template. The typical reporting time for such projects can be as quick as 1-2 days.
Representative Scenarios:

  • An R & D manager needs to evaluate multiple idea submissions within an organization and choose the ideas for effective spending on future R&D.

Exhaustive Prior Art Search

We undertake comprehensive searches involving multi-pronged strategies to unearth the prior art that can deny the issuance or limit the scope of an invention. The report comprises a list of relevant prior arts with the novel features of the invention mapped on to each identified document. The typical reporting time is two weeks, but we do undertake urgent requests, if required.
Representative Scenarios:

  • An Inventor wants to determine the patentability of the features of his invention.
  • A patent agent or an attorney wants to develop an understanding of the domain for drafting a stronger patent and/or for assessing the scope of the patent protection before filing and prosecution.