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Patent watch is a process for monitoring newly issued patents, as well as possibly pending patent applications, to assess whether any of these patent rights might be of interest or might be a potential roadblock.

KAnalysis offers Patent watch services under the following broad categories:

  • Technology Patent Watch Services: These are conducted to keep track of the latest developments in a domain of interest and updating newly published applications in the area.
  • Legal Status Patent Watch Services: These are conducted to provide updates on a set of patent in technology sector patents vis-à-vis grant/ publication/ abandonment/ oppositions/ expiry etc.
  • Competitor Patent Watch Services: These are conducted to monitor and track the patenting activities to determine the focus a competitors R&D strategy.
  • Market Watch Services: KAnalysis also provides cost-effective and efficient market watch services helping them keep track and current happenings in a particular technology sector or corresponding to a particular set of competitors.