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Mining of licensable patents from a large portfolio or patent pool, is a tedious task and requires an efficient process oriented approach. The process requires in-depth technical skills, knowledge of market space, patent legal analysis and understanding of various objective parameters associated with patents.
The basic idea is to identify and shortlist patents that would require further analysis or can have potential for claim chart development.
KAnalysis provides the reports in an MS-Excel format, with a rating to each patent in the dataset. The rating is based upon multiple subjective and objective parameters that include, but not limited to:

  • Problem Solution
  • Key Claims
  • Key Target Companies
  • Potential Products to be Reviewed
  • Availability of Exemplary Evidence of Use
  • Assignment/Maintenance Record
  • Public PAIR US Prosecution History
  • Section 131 Affidavits
  • Terminal Disclaimers / PTA

Representative Scenarios:

  • A patent holding company is planning to monetize its patents and needs to identify/prioritize the patents initiate their commercialization activities.
  • A company intends to identify its non-performing patent assets in order to either out-license them or abandon them to save on maintenance/annuity fee payment costs.
  • A company is looking for strategic acquisition of good patents in-line with its vision towards a specific segment.