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IP due diligence is an exercise wherein an IP portfolio is defined, examined and analyzed, either offensively (to purchase or in-license) or defensively (to sell or out-license).

Any business transaction involving IP requires extensive due diligence to reveal the value of the involved intangible assets by examining the strength, scope and enforceability of the IP, the ownership rights surrounding the IP, and the future potential to be derived from the IP.

IP due diligence should ideally be conducted prior to the start of negotiations around a transaction. The tangible outcomes of an IP sue diligence study allows the client to realistically calculate the value of the involved IP assets for integration into the transaction.

Representative Scenarios:

  • A company is looking to invest in a patent by buying or in-license patent / patent portfolio, or raising through IP securitization.
  • A company is looking for strategic acquisition of IP assets of another company in-line with its vision towards a specific segment.
  • A company is looking to identify patents for out-licensing so that it does not hinder with its core business perspective.