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An intellectual property audit is a systematic review of a company’s IP assets and related risks and opportunities. IP audits can help assess, preserve, and enhance IP; correct defects in IP rights; put unused IP to work; identify risks that a company’s products or services infringe another’s IP; and implement best practices for IP asset management. A thorough IP audit involves not only a review of a company’s IP assets, but also the company’s IP-related licenses, and competitors’ IP.

We undertake thorough IP review to include:

  • Assessment and ownership of IP rights
  • Identify continuation / CIP opportunities
  • Proofreading of Granted Patents / Published Applications
  • Identify unused IP / Non-Core IP
  • File history analysis
  • Patent expiry calculations and legal status analyses of a portfolio

There can be a variety of reasons to conduct any of the above-mentioned tasks, however, IP Audits are typically conducted under the following situations:

  • Internal IP Audits
  • Company Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Acquisition or Licensing of IP assets
  • Monitoring competitor assets