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A Freedom to Operate (FTO) Study aims at identifying a patent infringement by any commercialized product or process in a given jurisdiction. The study is usually conducted before a product launch or more beneficially prior to finalizing the product, so that it gives some time and scope to design around an existing patent.

The study includes prior art search for active patents in the jurisdiction under consideration. In an FTO study, the infringing features of the commercialized product/process are mapped on to the identified patents. The result of the study enables the client to make decisions on possible infringement issues.

The report comprises a list of prior art documents with detailed textual mapping of the claim elements against the key features of the invention ,for each identified document. Detailed legal status analysis with color coding is provided for each documents along with statuses of their representatives in each desired geography.

The typical reporting time is two-three weeks, but we do undertake urgent requests, if required.

Representative Scenarios:

  • A company wants to determine the potential infringements(s) if any, in a particular geography before launching a product.
  • A company is manufacturing a product and before going for prototyping phase wants to know about any potentially blocking patents in a particular geography, so that they can modify their invention.
  • A company with an existing product line, before entering a new geography wants to ensure that it is not infringing on any particular patent in that jurisdiction.
  • A patent attorney wants to make sure that the potentially infringing patents are enforceable and are the claims broad enough to restrict, product sale in a market.