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Competitive Intelligence is a process which gives insights into what might happen in the near future. This process involves stages from data to information to intelligence.

  • Intelligence differs from data and information since it requires some form of analysis. The purpose of this analysis is to derive some meaning from the gathered data and information. This analysis and filtering of the data & information helps one to act on it and understand the options, giving an opportunity to make way forward decisions. We need not collect and analyze all information for an exact picture, but get enough information so that we can conclude what’s going on. An outcome of CI is that it puts conclusions and recommendations upfront.
  • At KAnalysis, we present intelligence reports so that the decision makers can draw a conclusion and make an important assessment quickly.

Representative Scenarios:

  • A company is looking to analyze the R&D pattern of a competitor vis-à-vis its rise in market share.
  • A company wants to monitor the patent filing trends of a competitor to know when and what kind of products they can launch in future.
  • A company is looking to identify the core research areas of a competitor on the basis of its filings and acquisitions.
  • A company wants to know the possibilities of addition of new business lines in a market with in-house research or potential acquisitions.