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Claim charts/EoU are prepared to determine and establish the extent of overlap between one or more claims of a patent and a product/technology. Claim charts typically help attorneys, in-house counsels, patent brokers in determining scope of infringement and/or in taking licensing-related decisions.

Claim chart preparation involves comprehensive mapping of patent claims with the product specifications under question. A claim chart should present a clear and complete mapping of all claim elements and the best results are achieved via the rigorous and sustained application of multi-disciplinary resources involving experts from reverse engineering, engineering analysis, IP analysis, business analysis and marketing. 

KAnalysis provides lucid reports with illustrative textual and graphical mapping portraying the extent of overlap between a patent and a product, in a two column format.

Representative Scenarios:

  • A patent brokerage firm is looking to identify potential infringements to a set of patents, for showcasing them to potential buyers.
  • An NPE is trying to prepare clear infringement maps vis-à-vis any product to assert its patents and demand damages.