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Right from the start-up phase of a company to mature phase business growth depends upon company’s strategies for tapping new market opportunities. At every stage of business life cycle KAnalysis offers its clients various studies to figure out the current market scenario, industry growth trends, existing players, entry barriers etc.

KAnalysis provides customized services using a combination of extensive primary and secondary research methodologies. Primary and secondary researches complement each other in case of data inconsistencies and act as checkpoints for each other. The comprehensive data pool is validated and cross checked for authenticity. The requisite authenticated data is segmented, and analyzed for insights.

KAnalysis provides Business and Market research services in the following areas:

Market Assessment – In-depth research and analysis to identify factors like drivers, inhibitors, market size, trends etc. Depending upon the client requirements KAnalysis offers following market related studies:

  • Sector Monitoring
  • Market Overview
  • Commercialization Studies
  • Regulatory studies

Competitive Intelligence - To identify answers to questions like what the competitors are doing in their business, how they are doing it, what are their strategies/assets/financial performances etc. As per the client requirement KAnalysis offers following CI related studies:

  • Product and value chain analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Supply chain and distribution strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Innovation, Intellectual Property and R & D focus
  • M&A and licensing deals etc
  • Identification of strategic partners / M&A targets – Due Diligence Studies
  • Company Profiling

Benchmarking Studies – to assess the current position of a company’s products, technology, distributions strategy etc. over its peers. This study not only helps in getting information about peers business but also in devising strategies to gain an edge over competitors in the market.

Update Services – Any of the business and market research studies availed by a client of KAnalysis can be subject to frequent updates of information and analysis. In independent scenarios any organization can request for update services like changes in company’s financial or business performance, government regulatory laws, technology watch, sector updates, M&A or licensing deals, stock market performance, competitive profiling etc. These services are performed at a unique interval of times in a year, depending upon the nature of study and the frequency at which major information change occurs in the domain.