IP Transactions, Tech-Transfer, Licensing and Franchising

Intellectual property and intangible assets form the basis of most corporate wealth in the industrialized world and a growing portion of the wealth in developing nations. As one of the most significant assets of a company, intellectual property plays a critical role in commercial transactions and KA Legal is a pioneer in the commercialization, exploitation, securitization, and licensing of these rights in India and globally. Our much recognized IP team has handsome experience of IP Valuation; Damage Calculation and related due-diligence work. Our attorneys have acted as intellectual property counsel on different sides of transactions for major corporations, and for small and medium size enterprises, as well. We draw upon the experience of attorneys in our trademark, patent and copyright practice groups, as well as our deep partnership with counsel in foreign jurisdictions, to ensure that our clients’ rights and the value of their IP are maximized in each transaction we handle.