A. Form-1:

Application for grant of patent

i. Applicant has to obtain a proof of right to file the application from the inventor. The Proof of Right is either an endorsement at the end of the Application Form-1 or a separate assignment.

B. Form-2:

Provisional / complete specification

C. Form-3:

Statement and undertaking under Section 8

i. An applicant must file Form 3 either along with the application or within 6 months from the date of application

D. Form 5:

Declaration as to inventor ship

i. However, the Controller may allow Form-5 to be filed within one month from the date of filing of application, if a request is made to the Controller in Form-4

E. Form-26:

Power of authority

i. In case a general power of authority has already been filed in another application, a self-attested copy of the same may be filed by the Agent. In case the original general power of authority has been filed in another jurisdiction, that fact may also be mentioned in the self-attested copy.

F. Form -18:

Request for Examination (RFE)

i. The Request for Examination (RFE) must be filed within 48 months of priority date of the patent application or the patent specification filed before the Indian Patent Office will be treated abandoned.

G. Form – 9:

Request for publication under section 11A(2) and rule 24A

H. Form -6:

On claim under section 20(1);/ On request for direction under section 20(4) or 20(5).

I. Form -7:

On notice of opposition to grant of patent under section 25(3).

J. Form -7A:

On giving notice that hearing before Controller will be attended under rule 62(2).

K. Form -8: On application under sections 28(2), 28(3) or 28(7).
L. Form -10: On application under section 44 for amendment of patent.
M. Form -11: On application for directions under sections 51(1) or 51(2).
N. Form -12: On request for grant of a patent under section 26(1) and 52(2).
O. Form -13: On application for amendment of application for patent / complete specification / other related documents under section 57-
P. Form -14: On notice of opposition to an application under sections 57(4), 61(1) and 87(2) or to surrender a patent under section 63(3) or to a request under section 78(5).
Q. Form -15: On application for restoration of a patent under section 60.
R. Form -16: On application for the entry in the register of patent of the name of a person entitled to a patent or as a share or as a mortgagee or as licensee or as otherwise or for the entry in the register of patents of notification of a document under sections 69(1) or 69(2) and rule 90(1), or 90(2).
S. Form 17: On application for compulsory licence under sections 84(1), 91(1), 92(1) and 92A.
T. Form -19: On application for revocation of a patent under section 85(1).
U. Form -20: On application for revision of terms and conditions of licence under section 88(4).
V. Form -21: On request for termination of compulsory licence under section 94.
W. Form -22: On application for registration as a patent agent under rules 109(1) or 112.
X. Form -23: On application for restoration of the name of a person in the register of patent agents under rule 117(1).
Y. Form -24: On application for review or setting aside the decisions / order of the controller under section 77(1)(f) or 77(1)(g).
Z. Form 25: On application for permission for applying patent outside India under section 39 and rule 71(1).
AA. Form -27: On statement regarding working of a patented invention on a commercial scale in India under Section 146(2) and rule 131(1).
BB. Form -28: Small Entity