Data Security Management & Facility

1. In-house Server and security system for better Data Protection

2. Docket Credential for all client to see the application status anytime from anywhere

3. No overhead cost like paper cost, docketing cost, printing cost etc.

4. Within 4 hour response of any communication

5. Within 5 Km from IPO, so we can reach IPO before any e-communication. This is Important for Indian Patent Office as its e-facility is still in development phase

6. Training of Outside corporate legal department regarding Indian patent office and its procedures.

7. In-house Language department to take care of Non-English Patent applications

8. Internal Codes for clients and External/Internal Chinese wall for same domain clients

9. In-house IP Research Team for search/opposition/litigation research

10. Strong Firewall and restricted data accessibility for internal lawyers and supporting staff

11. International Desk