KAnalysis is a Boutique Intellectual Property Firm based in New Delhi, India with clients from all geographies and ethnicities. We advise our global clients on protecting and enforcing their rights in patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, geographic indications, and domain names. The Firm stands for highest quality of work in all aspects of IP Prosecution, Litigation, Licensing and Transactions. KAnalysis has deep strength in diverse technical fields including Automotive, Mechanical, Machinery, Electronics, Telecom, Communications, IT, Material Sciences, Metallurgy, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, and Aerospace engineering.


Who We Are

As mentioned By a Leading IP Magazine: “A new class of IP Lawyers without any suit-boot based law firm culture, who – Work Hard and Enjoy Life”.

The strength of KAnalysis lies in its people. The professionals at KAnalysis come from diverse backgrounds that adds a new dimension to the depth of expertise available. Our team has worked in various R&D departments, Technical Consultancy Firms, and Govt. Departments before starting lP based legal service to our global clients. This makes us UNIQUE than most of the IP law firms (if not all) in India which lack technical background and work experience at their Partner level. So, we are e-Lawyers cum Engineers/PhDs who understand the client’s IP requirement and support them in expanding their business in India. Apart from them, we are also proud of the highly trained and proficient support staff who aid in the smooth functioning of KAnalysis.

Our work ethics are of the highest standard (as referenced by our client) and we proactively aim to work towards the right deliverable. Our integrity and high standards are our strength. We function as a well bound unit where we respect each other and our product reflects the joy we attain out of our work.

Our Mission

We are committed to the honest, timely, competent, responsive, creative, and courteous practice of law, with accountability from top to bottom in the organization.

Our vision

We are committed to increase the value of IP in India and bring the innovation ecosystem starting from Ground level in India where people think invention as the part of their lives.

Our Values

  • Work Professionalism
  • Ethical business practice
  • Quality of Service
  • Team member share our core values

Currently providing end-to-end IP related service to more than 200 global clients. We are working with

  • World Leading Electronic Device Manufacturer in providing all IP service in India
  • UK based SME in developing their IP from first provisional application to more than 20 patents globally along with IP Valuation and Investment process
  • A leading US inventor having more than 100 granted patent in his end to end IP needs
  • SMEs in India for their global expansion and local protection
  • US universities seeking IP protection in India